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Magic Massage Stickers TENS

Magic Massage Stickers TENS

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Struggling with muscle aches & pains?
TENS offers a compact, portable, and medication free solution, just a click away.
Choose from 16 strength levels and 6 treatment modes for a personalised experience. Just one charge lasts up to 2 weeks of daily use 💪🏽
For a limited time only, get a free pack of resistance bands complete with handles, straps and its own travel bag with every TENS order!
Explore TENS today and get ahead.


The TENS uses mild electrical stimulation to soothe your nerves through the skin, providing a mon-invasive, medication-free path to pain reliief.

It comes with two specialised treatment modes. The TENS setting interrupts pain signals, effectively easing both acute and chronic discomfort.

For muscle enhancement, switch to the EMS mode, which promotes muscle contraction, aiding in muscle strengthening, recovery, and boosting athletic performance.

Enjoy a customised and versatile approach to managing your pain and muscle health.


6 Treatment Modes - Delivering tailored treatment with 6 modes built-in, the TENS provide different stimulations and sensations to best suit your needs.

16 Strength Levels - Experience the power of targeted relief across 16 carefully calibrated strength levels, adjust your treatment to your unique pain thresholds and preferences, with the tap of a button and feel the pain relief kink in.

4.5 Hours Battery - Engineered with a battery that lasts, whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move, enjoy longer tens pod treatment seddions and fewer charges.

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