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Health Waterproof Smart Ring for Enhanced Wellness, Sleep and Activity Monitoring

Health Waterproof Smart Ring for Enhanced Wellness, Sleep and Activity Monitoring

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Look no further than the Health Smart Ring – the ultimate fusion of technology and wellness designed to empower you to live your healthiest life. Simply wear the ring on your finger, and let its advanced sensors work their magic.

Tailored Health Guidance

Delivers personalized advice based on deep health insights, offering comprehensive wellness support with ease-to-understand metrics, improve your overall health

Continuous Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

Blood oxygen saturation is one of the important indicators of heart health. The new optical sensor can quickly detect blood oxygen in real time to prevent sudden diseases such as heart-lung ridge

True Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate at a glance, the smart ring leads the new era of heart rate monitoring. Using advaced dynamic monitoring technology, accurately record your heart changes, so that you can know your health status anytime, anywhere

Calculate Your Sleep Stages and Scores

Record the complete sleep structure and monitor your sleep quality throughout.

A variety of sports modes for you to try

Support a variety of regular sports and map track sports, incliding brisk walking, running, cycling,... after exercise, check the APP exercise data, such as exercise time, exercise distance, heart rate change, calorie consumption, ... to better understand the factors affecting health and exercise ability

Swing your hand and take a photo instantly

Innovative design allows you to easdily capture beautiful monents. A new height of selfies, a beautiful smart ring that can remotely control the camera, making yuour a professional photographer with ease

Key Benefits:

✔️ Stay informed about your health in real-time

✔️ Sleek and stylish design complements any outfit

✔️ Seamless integration with your daily routine

✔️ Empowers you to make proactive health decisions

✔️ Convenient and discreet monitoring throughout the day

✔️ Long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted tracking

✔️ Water-resistant design allows for worry-free wear

✔️ Personalized insights for tailored wellness strategies

✔️ Ideal for busy individuals who prioritize health on the go


Crafted with precision and innovation, the Health Smart Ring delivers accurate and reliable health data, empowering you to take charge of your well-being with confidence.

Battery Capacity:  About 17.5 mAH

Bluetooth: 5.1

Waterproof: IP68

Material: Shell Titanium Steel

Charging mode: Magnetic/ Battery compartment


  • The ring does not have any touch function or button. The app automatically starts measuring the reading from the moment you wear it. 
  • This product cannot be used as a medical product, the data is for reference only.
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