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Reflex Socks

Reflex Socks

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Step into a Healthier You


Our reflexology socks offer a therapeutic touch to boost your wellbeing so you can feel the difference from toes to head. 

Feel less stressed, more relaxed, and more energized.

Foot reflexology promotes relaxation, enhances circulation, reduces stress, relieves back pain, alleviates foot pain for overall well-being and so much more.

How Our Reflexology Socks Work:

Your feet are the foundation of your body's interconnected network.

Each sock displays a precise diagram of reflex points, intentionally placed to correspond with essential health zones.

The magic happens when you use our specially designed acupressure tool to apply pressure on these points. This targeted action stimulates each area, unlocking a wave of relief and rejuvenation that flows from your feet throughout your entire body.

Just put on the socks, use the tool to press those points, and let your body say "thank you."

Size Guide:

Small: Women 4-7½ (US) | Men 5-8½ (US) 
Medium: Women 8-10½ (US) | Men 9-11½ (US) 
Large: Women 11-14 (US) | Men 12-15 (US)
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